Purity is the essence of our being, and at VARAL we deliver purity in all our products towards a healthy living.

At Varal Group Industries Pvt. Ltd., we are a sub-company of Varal Trading, established in April 2017. We are manufacturers of machine extracted as well as cold-pressed oils of Soybean, Palm and Sunflower variants. We operate from SUPA MIDC located in Taluka: Parner, District: Ahmednagar. Our company's turnover is 2.4 cr.

Our proactive sales team is building for us, clients, nationally and our distribution team works hand-in-hand with them to make our products available.

Our vision is to launch 50 plus consumer products under VARAL banner in the near future.

A Need of the Hour

The demand for healthy food and diet is not just a fad, but people are growing increasingly aware of their food habits and trying to switch to healthy food alternatives. FMCG industry therefore presents the best investment opportunities any day. Considering the high demand for organic food products that are everyday consumables, we plan to introduce in our second phase, the below five products-

Our Promise

Our products are fast-moving and everyday grocery products; therefore, there is a huge potential for undying market demand, a worldwide consumable market as well as faster accelerated growth and supply with the ever-increasing population and extended markets.

All our products are meant to be genial in quality and that is not just our USP, but also our assurity. Our products are fit to be branded as pure and healthy and equally fit for consumption according to world food standards.

Our intent in forming this company is to bring everyday grocery products at relatively comfortable pricing, and at the same time turn this into a profitable and rewarding venture for the investors.

We invite you to be a part of a healthy and quality initiative

Product Manufacturing Capacity

For the above range of products, we will be manufacturing different oil variants.

We bring an investor program that is 100% profitable and assuring

We will be assigning sales targets to our vendors and distributors –

Looking for FMCG Investment Opportunities?

If you are looking at investing in FMCG business opportunities, you would like to reach further.

Our Approach

  • Machinery
  • We have a fully automatic set-up from the hygiene perspective and lesser human involvement.

  • Promotions
  • In addition to sales and marketing, we will also be involving actively in online promotions for reaching out to wider markets and geographies.

  • Packaging
  • We plan to attractively package the manufactured as well as sourced goods under the VARAL brand name.

  • Distribution
  • Extending the current reach of local markets to a deep National distribution network.

  • Exports
  • Introducing the VARAL brand to international markets through export channels and worldwide distribution network. We have already established a strong network of import-export agents for worldwide exports. We are building on the distributor network.

  • Competitors
  • We intend to penetrate and capture markets through our quality conscious products and offerings bringing you the best investment opportunities.

  • Promotions
  • We will be introducing the brand through social media, advertising as well as networking platforms for a wider reach.

    What is in it for you?

    We are seasoned operators in the manufacturing domain and bringing the best of our products for the worldwide markets. Our products are daily consumables, therefore fast-moving and in high demand.

    We are inviting investments for taking our company to the next level with your trust in our portfolio of products.

    We are looking for you if you are looking for -

  • Faster & assured investment turnarounds
  • Reliable product engagements
  • Investment details

    Our portfolio of everyday consumer products is just the right investment option as there is an unending demand for these products, as well as a brighter scope of exports. Inviting Investors/ Stakeholders looking for promising as well as lucrative returns.

    Become a stakeholder and get a 10% of the PROFITS annually and 20-25% ROYALTY

    This is an opportunity to earn dividends sooner and pride yourself as an investor in a brand that will be soon a part of every household.

    Call us to know more about this exciting investment opportunity.

    Contact Us

    +91 9175040890,
    +91 9588427554


    Shop No: 1, Mauli Apartment, Kawad Camp, Nighoj Parner Road, At/Po.: Nighoj, Taluka: Parner, District:Ahmednagar Pincode: 414306